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Standard display, Flash (pdf)
Esilaajeneva jättibanner / Pre-expanding 728×90 (pdf)
Esilaajeneva panorama / Pre-expanding 980×120 (pdf)
Interstitial (pdf)

Videolayer + 980×120 banner

White Rabbit only needs the video file:
-File size: max. 10 mb
-Resolution: max 720p
-Format: .flv
-Sound: audible. White Rabbit will make the sound play on click.
-If you want to customize the “close” buttons visible in the example (http://www.whiterabbit.fi/tuotteet-ja-palvelut/mediatuotteet/mainostformaatit?type=videolayer ), we’ll need png/gif-files preferably with transparent backgrounds for these aswell. Two separate “close” buttons must be present during the whole video. The texts for the buttons are: “X Sulje” (Close in finnish) and “Sulje ja jatka sivulle” (Close and continue to page in finnish).

Additional information: joni.sutinen@whiterabbit.fi